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   Board Members   board@shenandoahsharks.org

Jessica Withrow- president@shenandoahsharks.org
VP of Operations
Tina Henderson- volunteer@shenandoahsharks.org
VP of Fundraising

Val Blanco -fundraising@shenandoahsharks.org

Treasurer Liz Rookstool 
- treasurer@shenandoahsharks.org

Secretary Ana Brumfield
Team Rep Justin Ulbricht- teamrep@shenandoahsharks.org

Other Required Jobs  

Clerk of Course Michael McLeod- computers@shenandoahsharks.org
Computer Room Michael McLeod
DJ Dean Gristy
Head Timer
Head Officials Mark Houston & Dave Worthman
Volunteer Coordinator volunteer@shenandoahsharks.org Tina Henderson 
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