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Team Membership

The Shenandoah Sharks Swim Team is a 501c3 summer league swim team based in Shenandoah, Texas. We are affiliated with and swim under the rules of the Northwest Aquatic League (NWAL). Formed in 1973, thousands of children and families have spent their summers with the Sharks over the years. The Sharks are NOT a learn to swim program.

To be a team member on the Sharks, each swimmer must demonstrate the basic skills necessary for competitive swimming.  An evaluation is conducted for new swimmers (8 & under) on a scheduled date prior to the start of organized practices. New older swimmers (10 & older) are assessed during practice. Final determination of team membership is based on performance at new swimmer evaluations and at the discretion of the coaches.  A few qualities the Coaches look for is the swimmers level of comfort/emotional state while in the water, does the swimmer put their face in the water and can swimmer take/follow instruction.


Participation in swim meets is expected and highly encouraged but not required to be a member of the team. To participate in a meet a swimmer should demonstrate the ability to complete one length of the pool (~25 yards) unassisted in the selected stroke. A swimmer must swim in 2 regular season dual meets to earn their annual swim award. Participation in invitational swim meets is based on time standards achieved.

Shark School

Shark School is NOT swimming lessons; it is for team members who are not quite up to practicing with their age group (e.g. 8 and under). The purpose of Shark School is to get the swimmer up to speed and moving them into their regular practices as soon as possible. Shark School is about refining basic techniques to prepare the swimmer for competition. These skills include side breathing with face in the water, continuous forward motion on top of the water, floating on back, etc. Determination of placement in shark school is based on the discretion of the coaches.

Swimmers will have TWO weeks to gain the ability to swim the distance of the pool to participate in Shark Swim Meets for the season.  Swimmers need to  swim the entire 25 yards without assistance or stopping to  maintain a spot on the Shark Swim Team.  Swimmers will get two attempts each Friday each week of Shark school. NO exceptions. 

Swimmers who are still not ready to practice with their age group after two weeks, are then encouraged to return to the Sharks next season. 

Registration Refund Policy

  • 100% refund for swimmers who withdraw 15 or more days before the first in-pool practice.

  • $20 charge per swimmer for those who withdraw 1 to 14 days before the first in-pool practice.

  • 50% refund for swimmers who withdraw during the first two weeks of in-pool practice.

  • For any swimmer who lacks the minimum proficiency to swim, based on a coaching assessment, after two weeks of in-pool instruction, will receive all but $120 of your Shark Registration fee.
    • These swimmers will receive a team shirt and are encouraged to return next season

  • No refunds will be granted after the first two weeks of practice.
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