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Volunteer Information

Do you know we need over 100 workers to run a successful Home Swim Meet?

Each family is required to volunteer, in some capacity, during each meet in which their swimmer(s) competes.

This is why your volunteer time is so important in helping to run an efficient swim meet. For most positions, no experience is necessary and on the job training is provided. Volunteer positions are typically scheduled in shifts. Many of the jobs put you in a prime spot at the edge of the pool to watch your child swim. Positions that aren't right at the edge of the pool are flexible enough for you to take a break and watch your child swim.

The Volunteer Coordinators and Committee Leaders handle sign-ups and coordination of the volunteers. Your committee Leader will contact you via email the week before each meet. It is very important to communicate with your coordinator, and to let your coordinator know if your child will not be swimming & you will not be available to work.

When your child circles in for the meet, you will need to "circle in" by picking up your name tag from the volunteer table. This lets us know you have arrived and will be able to fulfill your shift.

Please understand that we need everyone to volunteer. When one person doesn't show up, others will be needed to pitch in and cover the shift.


Sign up today!

Please contact our volunteer coordinators at [email protected] to sign up or for more information about opportunities to serve.

*******Clean-Up *********

After each meet, out team is responsible for returning the pool to its original state. This includes removing lane lines and backstroke flags; returning tables to their original spots; picking up and removing all trash and lost and found items. If everyone pitches in the job will take minutes. Plentiful hands make for light work.

When we visit another pool for a swim meet, please be sure to leave the area the way you found it. Pick up all the trash in your area. Please help others. Thank you in advance for helping with the clean-up.


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