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Volunteer Policy

Shenandoah Sharks Volunteer Policy

Each family shall acknowledge at registration that volunteering is a condition of their child/children being on the team.

Each family shall make a $300 deposit (check) by March 25 or at time of registration for the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP). (Mail to Shenandoah Sharks Swim Team, PO Box 133031, Spring, TX 77381-3031.)

The check will not be deposited or cashed as long as families meet the volunteer conditions.

Annually, by April 1, the board shall set the number of credits each family must attain during the swim season.

By Wednesday at noon each week, a family shall sign up to volunteer, online, if their swimmer(s) is/are competing in the upcoming meet. Families are expected to volunteer at all swim meets in which their child swims. If swimmers qualify for invitational meets, parents are also required to volunteer at those meets or in preparation for those meets.

No later than 7:45 a.m. on meet day, a family shall check in with the volunteer coordinator and the category coordinator and shall be present at the shift time.

If a family finds that, after signing up for a meet, their swimmer will not participate, the family shall notify the volunteer coordinator and the category coordinator and seek to aid in finding a shift replacement.

If a family fails to show up at the assigned time or does not find a replacement, the Sharks shall deposit the VIP check. If the family misses one volunteer assignment during the season, the family will be due a $250 refund from the team at season end. If a family misses a second shift, $200 will be refunded at season end. If a family misses a third shift they will forfeit the remaining VIP deposit and the board will determine whether the family’s swimmers may remain on the team.

Families completing all volunteer shifts will receive their VIP check after the end of the season.

Special circumstances:

Families whose swimmers do not attend meets are expected to select non-swim meet volunteer roles. Swimmers age 15 and above may volunteer in lieu of a parent or guardian. In both cases, coordination with the volunteer coordinator and follow through is expected in order to not forfeit the $300 VIP deposit.

Opt out:

Families may elect to pay a one-time fee of $300 and not be required to volunteer. If you elect to Opt out,you are not required to send a VIP check.

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